måndag 20 februari 2012

Skiing in Cyprus

Today I went to the Troodos Mountains - Olympus 1,952 m high to ski with Swedish friend - a 1½ hour´s drive from Paphos. I must admit that everything I knew when skiing in the alps was lost so I only went up and down three times - and in the first pist I fell three times and I had to ask Björn to put me on my feet again - but I enjoyed it! I was laughing over my helplessness - and I have to realise that I am 65 - almost 66 years old. But Björn and Berit are still going strong.... But as you see the sun was shining and I did dream back to skiing in Austria, France, Italy...... And Sven was palying golf here in Tsada! Cyprus is fantastic!

The view was so beautiful and I did enjoy the sunshine....

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