onsdag 28 mars 2012

Bridge at "Lagora"

Our bridge evening yesterday at Lagora was very successful - we ended up as number two of ten..... Well done! We got two bottles of wine - and I forgot the camera... Sorry about that!

onsdag 21 mars 2012

Our meeting place in Pafos "Lagora"

We say "Thank you very much" to Göran and Lars-Åke who rent this fantastic office - and let us be a part of it - and of course with pleasure we contribute - and so do many of us! Today - they invited us to the inaguration and we were at least 50 people - including the Swedish Embassador Klas Gierow and his wife! We are so happy that they came from Nicosia to Pafos to join us!

måndag 19 mars 2012

Gladan af Westervik

Gladan is sold - fully paid by the new owner - a very pleasant man from Belgum. We went out with him yesterday to go through everything. However Gladan will stay in Pafos harbour for a couple of months as the new owner does not know where to sail her.

Sad - but that is what we wanted. Last pictures of us together with Gladan - my "baby" - and I think also Sven´s - for four years.....

lördag 10 mars 2012

Evening in Lund

Jannicke visited us with her children Embla and Toril and they had so much fun with Wilhelm and Tuva-Li whilst we enjoyed a superb dinner.


Egon is the nicest dog I ever met - Wilhelm and Tuva-Li can do whatever they like to - and he is not complaining....

Les Halles in Lund

I invited our children to a new French restaurant in Lund Wednesday evening - and the food was as excellent as my "company"! Though - we did miss Hanna-Fia, Jannicke and Tobbe.

My sister SIV

During my visit to Sweden I spent one day and night with my sister Siv - and we had a lot of fun - but we were also very "bussy". We managed to put together a chair, install a new lamp in her fridge and change her SIM-card in her mobile - among other very important issues. And every step we managed to succeed in we were smiling. In Cyprus - I would have asked Sven to help me out......

tisdag 6 mars 2012

Date with Paul Bohman

Me and my sister met my teacher from 1964 - 1966 over a lunch today. He is now 93 years old and he was so happy meeting us - we two chatting all the time and he enjoyed the two hours we spent together.

söndag 4 mars 2012

Visiting Jannicke´s family

I arrived in Sweden in the evening of the 2nd of March and I spent the two first nights in Lund with Markś family. Then I went to Malmö to Jannickeś family to celebrate Torilś second birthday. Some pictures from the play-ground and the birthday party.