torsdag 31 maj 2012

Chamber Music Festival in Kouklia

Together with our friends Briitta-Liisa and Peter we visited the 12th International Chamber Music Festival in Kouklia - about 10 km from Paphos. Before the consert we had a wonderful dinner at a local taverna in sunshine. It was a fantastic evening!

Briitta-Liisa and Sven

tisdag 22 maj 2012

The baptism of HRH Princess Estelle

Me and Briitta-Liisa dressed up for the ceremony
Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel and Princess Estelle
Here she gets her names - Estelle, Silvia, Ewa, Mary

Me and Briitta-Liisa dressed up to be a part of the baptism of our new Princess Estelle. We had a wonderful afternoon in front of our TV - enjoying a fantastic sallad that Briitta-Liisa had prepared together with Champagne Charles Bertin and a Mataro together with the baguette and cheeses. The "boys" were not invited.

måndag 21 maj 2012

Beautiful green Cyprus

In the front - wine plants that will give us fantastic wines in 2012

As you know it has been raining a LOT this spring in Cyprus - but this also meens that our island is so green. Look at this picture that I took today a couple of kilometers from our house on our way to the Winery Kamanterena only 15 minutes from our house. This Winery did win a Gold Medal for its Chardonnay 2011! Fantastic taste! We would have loved to buy all the wines for Filip´s and Åsa´s wedding here in Cyprus!

lördag 19 maj 2012

Dinner with Swedish friends

Paul is "protecting" his bottle of wine
Marianne, Briitta-Liisa and Kjell do not get anything
Sven & Inger having a GT

All of us - except me taking the photo

Our Swedish friends are now leaving Cyprus for the summer in Sweden - and we are not many left here on the island in the sun - but yesterday we managed to invite three couples before their departure to hopefully a sunny Sweden. We will fly to Sweden on the 1st of June to prepare the WEDDING of Åsa & Filip at Solhäll on the 16th of June. We do look forward to the EVENT!

onsdag 16 maj 2012

Last bridge session in Springtime

We were only eight bridge players yesterday evening - the last "enthusiasts"! Many of our bridge - and also golf friends - have already left Cyprus for the summer in Sweden. But we enjoyed the bridge - two tables - and afterwards we went out to the "Muse" restaurant and had a fantastic meal!

Sven, Lasse, Staffan and Evert
Maj, Anita. Marie and Rigmor

At the Muse Restaurant

lördag 12 maj 2012

Guitar evening at Sven Spånberg´s väg in Olympus Village

Yesterday our dear friends Stan & Chris, Ed & Trish and Steve & Sue together with their grandson Elliot came by for dinner. The evening was beautiful and warm so we had a glass of wine - or perhaps two outdoors.

After the dinner "Stan the Man" - who is famous around all Cyprus - and especially for his song "Driving in Cyprus" sang his fantastic songs for us. It is rather funny that here in Cyprus they forbid the song to be played in the radio - but we all love it. You now - as we say in Sweden - nobody will here the truth..... And also Ed played the guitar and sang.

"Stan the Man" playing and singing for us
Ed & Chris
Ed & Trish
The Owen family
Ed playing and singing for us
Stan & Chris
Above some pictures from our wonderful evening.....

söndag 6 maj 2012

Brunch in Olympus Village

We were invited to a fantastic brunch in Olympus Village by Calle  Gerd-Louise. The food, the drinks, the view - everything was excellent! So we had a five hour brunch! Thank you so much!