lördag 12 maj 2012

Guitar evening at Sven Spånberg´s väg in Olympus Village

Yesterday our dear friends Stan & Chris, Ed & Trish and Steve & Sue together with their grandson Elliot came by for dinner. The evening was beautiful and warm so we had a glass of wine - or perhaps two outdoors.

After the dinner "Stan the Man" - who is famous around all Cyprus - and especially for his song "Driving in Cyprus" sang his fantastic songs for us. It is rather funny that here in Cyprus they forbid the song to be played in the radio - but we all love it. You now - as we say in Sweden - nobody will here the truth..... And also Ed played the guitar and sang.

"Stan the Man" playing and singing for us
Ed & Chris
Ed & Trish
The Owen family
Ed playing and singing for us
Stan & Chris
Above some pictures from our wonderful evening.....

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