söndag 24 juni 2012

Family photo at Åsa´s and Filip´s WEDDING

From Åsa´s grandfather I got this lovely picture with Åsa´s mother Marie and Anders to the left - me and Sven to the right. Åsa´s brother is standing behind Marie and behind him you have André and Anna, and behind us you have Hanna-Fia and Mark (partly hidden behind Sven) and then Jannicke and Tobbe. We did have a wonderful WEDDING!

Midsummer is over...

Everybody - in the cars!

Almost ready....

The three car convoy leaving Solhäll

Sue and Steve left yesterday and the kids this aftenoon and Solhäll is sooooo quiet.... We already miss them all.

More pictures from "Midsommar"

Everybody gathered
The youngsters playing Kubb
Showing off for the girls
Building a "tower"
Strawberries at our veranda
Back toGränsö Castle - and they did eat all the baguettes!
André, Anna and Elsa dancing "Small frogs"
Steve ready for new pictures
Our son with friends
Midsommer dinner
And all of us from our balcony
Sue, Steve and Sven for coffey
Together with strawberries

Some from Steve and some from our camera - just showing our perfect "Midsommar"!


Sue and me
André and his girlfriend Anna
Dancing traditional Swedish dances

Me before the dinner
Youngsters did all the job
Sue and I are relaxing
The table is laid for 16 people
André arrived with his friends in the middle of the night to spend Midsummer with Sue and Steve, Sven and me. We took our two Buster boats to Gränsö Castle to have a picknick and dance traditional Swedish Midsummer dances. Afterwards the youngsters prepared all the food with meatballs, herring, potatoes.... Sue and I just sat down enjoying life....
After the Midsummer dinner they played some games and then we moved into our veranda to enjoy the strawberries.

The day before "Midsommar"

Breakfast at the seaside


Sven cutting the lawn

Sue and me waiting for the "take off"

And now waiting for the boys to more the boat

Steve did help Sven

And our lunch with "sill, öl och snaps"

We did not succeed in the barbecue but Sue and Steve did try

The captain took a nap

And we are off again

We had breakfast in beautiful weather - and Sven showed Steve Systembolaget to buy "snaps" for Midsummer- the only store where you are allowed to buy wine and stronger "bottles" in Sweden. Sven cut the lawn and then we took our Buster for a fantastic lunch at one of the many, many islands around Västervik....

Exploring Gränsö by foot and boat

We had fantastic weather and one day we did "explore" Gränsö by foot and boat.

Steve enjoying "Gränsö runt" with our Buster

And Sven is the Captain

Sue and me in "Gränsö kanal"

Having a whisky in Solhäll´s harbour

Sue and Steve at "Gränsö kanal"

Sven and Sue in the wood outside Solhäll

Sven is showing Sue one of our small cottages

lördag 23 juni 2012

A new day

The church

Me, Sven and Sue

Sven and Sue lightening candles for absent relatives

The family grave

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And the GT

We  did visit Ankarsrum where Sven´s father was born and Sven told the history about the family Spånberg. The church in Ankarsrum was a gift from Sven´s grandfather to the community - and only people born Spånberg are allowed to be burried there - and as Sven´s grandfather also was named Sven he has is own street also there... And then we all had a GT in the sunshine at Solhäll.