söndag 3 juni 2012

Flying via Kiev to Copenhagen

Our close friends Sue & Steve drove us to Larnaca at 12.00 last Friday and the AreoSvit flight to Kiev left on time. So far so good... In Kiev in Ukraine we had 2,5 hours to spend. OK we thought.... But the flight to Copenhagen was cancelled and in stead we had to wait until 03.00 Saturday early morning when the flight left for - guess where - Stockholm! We had to wait in Stockholm for more than one hour before the plane did leave for Copenhagen! So at 08.30 we did land in Copenhagen and we were in Lund about an hour later. Tired - yes - but we had lunch with our big family before we - I - drove to Västervik with a sleeping Sven at my side. So now - finally - we are at Solhäll - windy and rather cold weather compared to Cyprus.

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