tisdag 19 juni 2012


So -after all preparations Filip and Åsa are married. It was a fantastic day - stating with heavy rain - but the sun did start to shine more than an hour before the ceremony. That we had a fantastic day and night you will see from the pictures below....

Relatives and friends arriving
The beautiful bride arrives for the WEDDING with our son Filip
The WEDDING ceremony
Åsa´s brother is playing and singing with a friend to the couple
Hanna-Fia in green married to our son Mark and
André with his girlfriend Anna
Filpis telling Åsa how much he loves her
The mothers of the couple
Åsa´s aunt and her daughter sings beautifully
Mark, André and Anna seems to have a lot to discuss
Jannicke in green, her husband Tobbe in sun glasses
together with Mark and Anna
Mingle again
The toast master, Mårten - Åsa´s brother
The wedding party
Mark, Jannicke, Tobbe, Hanna-Fia, Anna and André
The dessert
A toast
The WEDDING cake
And the brunch the day after
Åsa´s mother finally relaxing at the brunch
André and Anna were the last guest

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