tisdag 10 juli 2012

Meeting the children and granchildren in Lund / Malmö

I took the train from Västervik Saturday morning to celebrate Mark´s and Hanna-Fia´s daughter Tuva-Li´s third birthday on Sunday - and to meet our children and grandchildren except for André, Anna and Elsa because they are in our house in Olympus Village in Cyprus this week. Hot, hot, hot I learnt from our best friends and neibours Sue & Steve.

Our son Mark, Tuva-Li, Hanna-Fia´s mother and grandmother
Our daughter Jannicke with Embla & Toril and the "princess"
with her brother Wilhelm - all our grandchildren together
The birthday "queen" with the horse she got from her cousins
Embla and Toril
Our son Mark and our daughter Jannicke
Jannicke with her children Toril and Embla
Mark with his children Tuva-Li and Wilhelm

It was a fantastic birthday in bright sunshine - and Hanna-Fia is FANTASTIC! I tried to take photos of everything - from the cakes to the bithday cake with a yellow horse - because Tuva-Li did want a horse..... And of course - Hanna-Fia created a birthday cake with a horse.... and to the joy in their garden. The sun was also shining in Lund to the honour of the birthday celebration.

Newly wedd our son Filip with his wife Åsa

The fantastic Birthday cake!

Tuva-Li´s grandfather is playing the piano
and we all sing "Happy Birthday" for Tuva-Li

No comments - Mother and daughter

Tuva-Li and Wilhelmwith their father Mark
After the birthday party - Embla was hot, hot hot and
her father Tobbe cooled her down

Embla with her little sister Toril after the cold "shower"
And then they took a hot bath in the tube

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