onsdag 15 augusti 2012

Lunch at Solhäll

Svens cousins and cousines visited us for lunch today - and the sun was with us - again! Thank you!
Ragna Spånberg, Irene Spånberg - Claes Spånberg´s
wife - Claes Spånberg, Sven-Johan Spånberg - hidden
behind Sven - and Helena Spånberg
We had "ordered" this beautiful ship to sail by
during our lunch
Ragna, Helena, Sven-Johan & Claes
Sven & Ragna

Irene & Maj

What a fantastic afternoon we spent together

söndag 12 augusti 2012

Sven killing the weeds

Another beautiful day at Solhäll - and a photo where Sven is trying to kill the weeds.....

Lunch at Solhäll

We did invite all our Västervik friends for a lunch - and half of the invited people were "availabl"e. We spent one of the best days from two until eight  and we had a FANTASTIC lunch! If everybody had come we would have been 28...... Some pictures.

Solhäll in the SUN
And what a party we had
And Gustaf in green

The best day of the summer 2012
And friends
And friends
And friends

Friends from Sjöbo

When Elly visited us with two lovely daughters and one husband - and two grandchildren - we could not resist to take our Buster for "Gränsö runt"! And we all did enjoy the tour!

Preparing for take off
Sven is the CAPTAIN
Elly´s granddaughter loves the see
Father and son
All together

Elly with her two daughters

tisdag 7 augusti 2012

Embla 8 years old

Eight candles on the cake
Sisters - Embla & Toril

So - Embla is a big girl - 8 years old - and we celebrated her in Malmö

söndag 5 augusti 2012

Mark´s family

Mark together with Wilhelm & Tuva-Li
Tuva-Li & Wilhelm at the "childrens´table"

I spent a couple of days in Lund and Malmö with Mark´s and Jannicke´s families - and I was so happy to hugh especially the grandchildren - before leaving for Solhäll.

Hovs Hallar

How do we fix it? Göran, Peter and Sven are really THINKING!

After one night in Falkenberg we were invited to Göran & Lena. As Lena and I did not play golf - my back - we spent a lazy day in the sunshine waiting for the "boys". When they finally arrived some technical problems with the jacuzzi had to be fixed before dinner and the inaguration of the Olympic Games in London.


Last week we were invitet by Anngret and Lars-Åke for golf in Falkenberg together with our dear friends Anders & Goggi, Gerd-Louise & Calle, Göran & Lena and Anita & Evert - and it was not only golf they "gave" us - fantastic food, a sightseeing and an evening with Lill Lindfors - one of the most famous singers in Sweden! Everything was perfectly organised! And next summer we will meet again at Gerd-Louise´s and Calle´s holiday home at Öregrund!

A happy team waiting for the bus
After a fantastic lunch
We had to sit down
And the bus arrived for a sightseeing
That took us to Skrea
Where we were served champagne
And back to the balcony of Lars-Åke & Anngret
For a fantastic dinner
And finally Lill Lindfors!

lördag 4 augusti 2012

Visit of my cousin with family

Dennis & Tina
My cousin Ingvar & Britt-Marie
A beatiful view at Skanvik
Dennis trying waterskiing
And he did succeed

My cousin Ingvar with wife, son with wife and their two children came to Solhäll for a week and we spent lovely days together. The sun was shining every day and the boys were fishing - and trying to waterski. Dennis did manage!

Visit of the children

André, Anna & Elsa, Mark, Hanna-Fia, Wilhelm & Tuva-Li did visit us for a couple of days together with Hanna-Fia´s sister with husband and children and the only photo I got was this - as I had my camera "in the wrong position for taking photos". We spent fantastic days together!