söndag 5 augusti 2012


Last week we were invitet by Anngret and Lars-Åke for golf in Falkenberg together with our dear friends Anders & Goggi, Gerd-Louise & Calle, Göran & Lena and Anita & Evert - and it was not only golf they "gave" us - fantastic food, a sightseeing and an evening with Lill Lindfors - one of the most famous singers in Sweden! Everything was perfectly organised! And next summer we will meet again at Gerd-Louise´s and Calle´s holiday home at Öregrund!

A happy team waiting for the bus
After a fantastic lunch
We had to sit down
And the bus arrived for a sightseeing
That took us to Skrea
Where we were served champagne
And back to the balcony of Lars-Åke & Anngret
For a fantastic dinner
And finally Lill Lindfors!

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