onsdag 5 september 2012

Back in the Island in the sun

We arrived safely in Larnaca Monday late afternoon and our friends Sue and Steve were there waiting for us. We did appreciate that! But we arrived without any luggage - and they were very suprised when we showed up with one handbag and one tiny suitcase after having spent three month is Sweden..... The flight was delayed from Copenhagen and we did RUN through all the controls - people shouting at us - and arrived at the gate one minute before departure - and of course - although that the stewardess told us that the luggage was on the plane - we did not believe her. Having no luggage to unpack, cloths to wash we went out to a local taverna and had a perfect night with Sue and Steve and their friends in the beautiful and warm night in Kallipeia. Yesterday evening the luggage arrived by taxi - so we are pleased about that!

Two pictures of our garden that has not been taken care of for three months - so it does need pruning....

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