onsdag 31 oktober 2012

Wine tasting at Lagora

Anita & Evert invited the "sponsor group" of Lagora - our Swedish "club house" - for a winetasting  and as always it was perfect!

We tasted four white and four red wines with delicious snacks to go with them - and as a "bonus" we were served the fantastic Spätlese from 1985!

tisdag 23 oktober 2012

Boring Mondays....

But we do not have them here in Cyprus! Today we invited our best friends Sue and Steve with their friends Ken and Joy to have a Swedish meal with us - pancakes, pea soup and hot Swedish punch to go with the pea soup and I did put Swedish punch also in the dessert. I think they liked it....

And the white and red wines were Chateau Spånberg....

torsdag 11 oktober 2012

Visit to Sweden / Lund / Malmö / Landskrona

I had a couple of hours to unpack and pack after Kyrenia and before the take off to Sweden. I did spend lovely days with all our children, their wifes and husband and most important - our four grandchildren - Embla, Wilhelm, Tuva-Li and Toril - and our bonus-granchild Elsa. And we are waiting for another one... André and Anna are expecting their first child together... I did as always visit my sister also and once again I had to show her my technical skills.....

Airports - I hate them but you have to be there....
Embla - now 8 years old with her sister Toril 2,5 year.
Embla let me sleep in her room and I was so
happy about that!
Jannicke and Tobbe invited me to a fantastic
cord filé dinner

Mark - our middle son - who celebrated his 33rd
birthday in the middle of nowhere having started to cook
the wonderful gulasch soup at nine in the morning out there
Jannicke, Embla and Toril are waiting for
the soup!
Me and Embla & Toril. I was almost freezing to death out there....
"Little" mother with big Mark
Hanna-Fia is serving the children..
We also "played" Robin Hood in the forest...
Anna is trying and Elsa and André give support
On our way back to Malmö we saw all these "rådjur"
After having spent some hours together with Åsa and Filip -
sorry no pictures - I was invited to Anna and André and met
Anna´s mother and Peter for the first time - and also Anna´s
grandmother - a lovely lady - and two of Anna´s sisters -
and Hampus!
Grandmother, Elsa, Anna´s sister and Hampus
My oldest son and me together with Anna and her
Me fixing some technical problems at my sister´s house - and
light came on....

torsdag 4 oktober 2012

Golf at Kyrenia

We - the Swedish Wikings - decided to repeate the last year´s fantastic "session" at the Kurenia Golf Club - and what a journey we had! I will tell you the hole story when we meet.

We met at 08.45 at the parking place behind Debenhams - and Lars-Åke has written in every mail - please do not forget your passports. But there - at the meeting point - two Evas had forgotten theirs so we had to drive to Kissonerga to pick up their passports. We were only 40 minutes delayed...

And then - we could not find the new built winery so this poor lady - our driver - had to turn around and around and around - but finally we managed to find it - and after that we were heading for the "fish" for lunch - and that place we managed to find. However Staffan thought he had forgotten his "handbag" so once again we turned around - but fortunately he found it very quickly so we had to turn around once again.

When we arrived to the "check point" in Nicosia it was closed and we tried a couple before we gave up. Three policemen from Cyprus had been arrested in the UN zone by Turkish soldiers so at all checkpoints in Nicosia there were demonstrations and all of them were closed - so we had some coffe and then we drow to a very "far away" checkpoint and we were allowed to drive in to the Turkish side but we had to hide some of the figures at the number plates...

Finally there - their printer did not work to print out the insurence papers for the buss so after two hour there we say "Thank you very much" to Anders Rosen who fixed it!

And we had two lovely days of golf - most of us - but not me. My stomack said "nej, nej,nej!

Wine testing when we finnaly found the fantastic
newbuilt winery
Wine tasting
Waiting and waiting and waiting....
Aonce again waiting
And this poor thing
All the tapes - We are NOT from Cyprus
Anders really helped us out after two hours´of  waiting
when he managed to start the printer so we could get the insurence
A lovely evening in the Gerni harbour
We also did enjoy it!
And Anders and Sven also!
Next day - golf...
Anngret played fantastic!

Finally we arrived to this beautiful golf resort and we had a late dinner before we all went to bed - very tired. Golf on Wedenesday and Thursday and then today we are back in Pafos. In a couple of hours I will be picked up for my short visit to Sweden! I do long!