fredag 30 november 2012

Bridge again...

Our result of the bridge competition within the Swedish group this Tuesday was poor - probably due to me...

So yesterday Ulla & Ingemar - who are both very competent bridge players - gave us a lesson free of charge. And even I did enjoy the bridge last night - playing with Ulla.

Now the bridge evenings are over for 2012 but when flying to Sweden on Monday I will bring all the rules concerning how to bid and how to play so I do hope I will come out as a better bridge player in 2013!

tisdag 27 november 2012

Bridge evening

Rigmor and Lars came by to play bridge with us and we had so much fun! Tonight it is "serious" bridge - the weekly competition within the Swedish "Viking group".

söndag 25 november 2012

Dinner at Olympus Village

Sven and I had six of our best friends for dinner yesterday and we did have so much fun! When buying the meat for the dinner at Kolios butchery we saw this little pig. So cute....

Nanne was in the citchen helping us and before leaving we made some alco tests of our friends. OK to drive - or sleep over in one of our guest rooms? The men did pass the test.


All of us

Nanne helping us in the citchen

Alco test

And Staffan again who was a bit worried...


torsdag 22 november 2012

Lunch at Lizzy in Olympus Village

Today I was invited to a ladies'  lunch - and we had a FANTASTIC time. The food and the wines were excellent and Lizzy´s husband was a perfect "Keeper" - so well dressed for his "mission"! Although it is only 500 meters from our house - and so also from some of the others - we were driving because today we had many dark cloudes over us and it was cool and windy! It was a perfect afternoon for a perfect dinner indoors!

Graham - the "Keeper" so well dressed

The "Girls" - Dallas, the hostess Lizzy,
Joan, Angie and me

All of us at the so beautifully decorated table
and it was "Thanks Giving" in the US
something that we from Scottland, Germany, the UK
and Sweden did not know....

The starter was "stunning"!

måndag 19 november 2012

"Scramble for two"

Today we were 24 Swedish Vikings participating in a "Scramble for two" golf competition - and Peter and I did WIN! Unbelievable - but Peter did play brilliant! Thank you! We did win both with and without handicap so I suppose you can imagine how well we played together! The price - two bottles of wine each - and of course the HONOUR!

fredag 16 november 2012

350-years´ PARTY

Five of our friends here in Paphos turned 70 years old during 2012 and yesterday they arranged a fantastic party together!

We started with tasting wines from two of the most famous Wineries in our district together with a very tasty buffé. Then we danced a balloon dance - not naked - only with balloons tied to the ladies feet and trying to crack the others. We screwed together IKEA "MALM"-drawers - had an auktion afterwards - and had a dart competition. The men did win both the "IKEA" and the dart competion....

Going home Evert & Anita offered us to go with them and I found a very comfortable place in the back of their car.

The "Seventies" - Per, Calle, Maina, Evert and Bengt

Sven & Rigmor

And me & Lars

What a buffé!

Sven with his price in the "IKEA" competition - a
neckless that he of course immediately gave to me

Clary together with the winning team - Bengt, Björn,
Sven and Staffan

Rigmor at "dart position" with Göran and Anders as

The party is over.....

Very comfortable!

It was a WONDERFUL evening!

lördag 10 november 2012

"Brödkaveln" / "The Bread-Roller" 2012

We did enjoy beeing the winner of the "Brödkaveln" for one year - but today Maina and Hans did beat us with five points - and that is a lot in golf!

We were all exited as the weather forecast was bad just for today but we managed to play our 18 wholes with no rain.

Also we did enjoy the goats just outside the fairway between whole number 4 and 5....

Sven and I did not win this year but we were happy to hand over "Brödkaveln" to Hans & Maina. They will take good care of it during 2013!

Fantastic to see all those goats just at the left side of
the fairway - and they would not even had heard
Göran´s "FORE LEFT"

We are all waiting for the "RESULT"!


I handed over "Brödkaveln" to the 2012 year´s winner
with love - Maina & Hans

torsdag 8 november 2012

"Brödkaveln" / " The Bread-Roller"

Coral Beach Hotel at 4 o'clock on the 7th of November 2012

And the water was lovely!

After the swim we relaxed at the balcony...

And then we were invited for a drink at Anngret´s
and Lars-Åke's house

And finally the DINNER!

"Brödkaveln" is a golf competition for couples arranged by the Swedish Wiking golf and last year Sven and I acctually did win! The price for the winner and for the silver medal couple Marie and Staffan was a dinner at the 4 star Coral Beach Hotel just outside Paphos Centre at the sea side. It took us almost a year to decide the date for this dinner but yesterday we got our price. I booked a room at the hotel with sea view and we checked in early in the afternoon. We took a swim in the 24 degrees warm water, relaxed at the balcony, had a glass of wine at Anngret´s and Lars-Åke´s beautiful house and then dinner at the hotel. After the dinner we had to inspect our large hotel room over a glass of wine...

We say THANK YOU so much to the sponsors - Anngret and Lars-Åke!

tisdag 6 november 2012

Olympus Village 4th of November

We enjoyed our breakfast at eight o´clock this morning at our kitchen terrace at 22,6 degrees in the shadow. Sven played golf and I enjoyed my lunch after a quick swim in the pool - 28,8 in the shadow and still 22 degrees in the pool.... Nice!

At eight o´clock

Breakfast in the sun

We were invited to our friends and nabours Sue & Steve for a fantastic meal and enjoyed also the evening!

söndag 4 november 2012

4BBB - That is Golf

Look at the smile.....

And I was so happy to "collect" Göran´s envelope!

Sven and Göran did win the second prize at the Mens´ 4BBB at the 26th of September and today Sven got his prize and as Göran was not there I was there for him....

"The Scorpions" 2012

Me and Per Borg after 18 wholes....

And Per invited me for a glass of wine as one of his
tee-shots did land on "my" red tee

A shower, dinner clothes and a drink...

Sven receives his bottle of wine for closest to the pin

A couple enjoying the evening

Also this year we had the honour of being invited to this golf event at Elea golfclub by our friends Marie & Staffan. We had a wonderful day playing 18 wholes and a superb dinner afterwards. I do believe that the last week´s lessons with Sven tought me "the kick" so I did get the balls rather far when teeing off - but Elea has more than 60 bunkers so I also had a good training getting out of those terribly deep wholes..... Sven did win one prize for beeing closest to the pin at one of the par 3 wholes - and luckily I also did win the same prize for the ladies as they only did give one prize to the lady who was closest to the pins on all par 3 wholes. Lucky me!

torsdag 1 november 2012


This fantastic evening we spent with our Swedish and English friends. For the first time in our lives - 66 years old - we went to this fantastic lady to have "face painting"! And look at the pictures how we did start and the result! It is amazing!

Steve and I have not yet decided.......

I am ready for the "party"!

And Sven - he is the next

And this is the result!

I had to sleep in one of our guest rooms - Sven looked ......

Our best friends - Sue & Steve......

And Sue did win the prize......

Sven & Sue

Sue & Steve

And finally our friends Christine & David....

It was a lovely evening!