fredag 16 november 2012

350-years´ PARTY

Five of our friends here in Paphos turned 70 years old during 2012 and yesterday they arranged a fantastic party together!

We started with tasting wines from two of the most famous Wineries in our district together with a very tasty buffé. Then we danced a balloon dance - not naked - only with balloons tied to the ladies feet and trying to crack the others. We screwed together IKEA "MALM"-drawers - had an auktion afterwards - and had a dart competition. The men did win both the "IKEA" and the dart competion....

Going home Evert & Anita offered us to go with them and I found a very comfortable place in the back of their car.

The "Seventies" - Per, Calle, Maina, Evert and Bengt

Sven & Rigmor

And me & Lars

What a buffé!

Sven with his price in the "IKEA" competition - a
neckless that he of course immediately gave to me

Clary together with the winning team - Bengt, Björn,
Sven and Staffan

Rigmor at "dart position" with Göran and Anders as

The party is over.....

Very comfortable!

It was a WONDERFUL evening!

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