lördag 10 november 2012

"Brödkaveln" / "The Bread-Roller" 2012

We did enjoy beeing the winner of the "Brödkaveln" for one year - but today Maina and Hans did beat us with five points - and that is a lot in golf!

We were all exited as the weather forecast was bad just for today but we managed to play our 18 wholes with no rain.

Also we did enjoy the goats just outside the fairway between whole number 4 and 5....

Sven and I did not win this year but we were happy to hand over "Brödkaveln" to Hans & Maina. They will take good care of it during 2013!

Fantastic to see all those goats just at the left side of
the fairway - and they would not even had heard
Göran´s "FORE LEFT"

We are all waiting for the "RESULT"!


I handed over "Brödkaveln" to the 2012 year´s winner
with love - Maina & Hans

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