torsdag 8 november 2012

"Brödkaveln" / " The Bread-Roller"

Coral Beach Hotel at 4 o'clock on the 7th of November 2012

And the water was lovely!

After the swim we relaxed at the balcony...

And then we were invited for a drink at Anngret´s
and Lars-Åke's house

And finally the DINNER!

"Brödkaveln" is a golf competition for couples arranged by the Swedish Wiking golf and last year Sven and I acctually did win! The price for the winner and for the silver medal couple Marie and Staffan was a dinner at the 4 star Coral Beach Hotel just outside Paphos Centre at the sea side. It took us almost a year to decide the date for this dinner but yesterday we got our price. I booked a room at the hotel with sea view and we checked in early in the afternoon. We took a swim in the 24 degrees warm water, relaxed at the balcony, had a glass of wine at Anngret´s and Lars-Åke´s beautiful house and then dinner at the hotel. After the dinner we had to inspect our large hotel room over a glass of wine...

We say THANK YOU so much to the sponsors - Anngret and Lars-Åke!

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