torsdag 22 november 2012

Lunch at Lizzy in Olympus Village

Today I was invited to a ladies'  lunch - and we had a FANTASTIC time. The food and the wines were excellent and Lizzy´s husband was a perfect "Keeper" - so well dressed for his "mission"! Although it is only 500 meters from our house - and so also from some of the others - we were driving because today we had many dark cloudes over us and it was cool and windy! It was a perfect afternoon for a perfect dinner indoors!

Graham - the "Keeper" so well dressed

The "Girls" - Dallas, the hostess Lizzy,
Joan, Angie and me

All of us at the so beautifully decorated table
and it was "Thanks Giving" in the US
something that we from Scottland, Germany, the UK
and Sweden did not know....

The starter was "stunning"!

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