söndag 4 november 2012

"The Scorpions" 2012

Me and Per Borg after 18 wholes....

And Per invited me for a glass of wine as one of his
tee-shots did land on "my" red tee

A shower, dinner clothes and a drink...

Sven receives his bottle of wine for closest to the pin

A couple enjoying the evening

Also this year we had the honour of being invited to this golf event at Elea golfclub by our friends Marie & Staffan. We had a wonderful day playing 18 wholes and a superb dinner afterwards. I do believe that the last week´s lessons with Sven tought me "the kick" so I did get the balls rather far when teeing off - but Elea has more than 60 bunkers so I also had a good training getting out of those terribly deep wholes..... Sven did win one prize for beeing closest to the pin at one of the par 3 wholes - and luckily I also did win the same prize for the ladies as they only did give one prize to the lady who was closest to the pins on all par 3 wholes. Lucky me!

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