onsdag 26 december 2012

The 25th with Anna´s family

Before we left for Solhäll today we were invited for lunch with Anna´s family - and we met her mother and Peter together with three of her sisters and one boyfriend - Hampus. We did enjoy meeting them all - and in March 2013 we will be Grandfathers and Grandmothers to Anna´s and André´s baby - and Elsa will for the second time become a "big sister"!

Anna´s mother Katarina and Anna with three of
her sisters and Elsa
Dark picture - but it is me, Hampus André, Peter
and Anna
And Peter, Sven and Katarina
And an Espresso before we = Sven drow to Solhäll


"Julafton" - Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve at Jannicke´s partents in law´s place and we had a fantastic evening! We drank "glögg" - and although we were only six grown-ups and two children we did eat 30 "lussekatter", which Sven and I baked in the morning. Santa Clause arrived in a black Ferrari - at least he told us so - and the children got lots of presents and we some... Everybody was satisfied.

The food was excellent - and so the beer, "snaps" and wine - and the hospitality! It was a lovely evening....

Donald Duck on the TV "served with "Lussekatter,
 Pepparkakor & glögg"
Santa Clause has arrived..
And Toril & Embla get LARGE presents
Göran is preparing the ham
And Tobbe the delicious cheeses
And Anki the meatballs, the sausages and, and, and...
Sven is building "Pippi Långstump´s" house
together with Embla and Toril
And Toril is playing with it waiting for the
Swedish "Julbord"
The traditional Swedish "Julbord" with herring
Ham, meatballs, sausages and.....
The cheeses

söndag 23 december 2012

"Lillejulafton" at André & Anna

We spent "Lillejulafton", i.e. the 23rd of Decmber, at André´s and Anna´s house together with Mark´s family. Åsa is still in bed with fever so we missed her and Filip. We had homemade "glögg", a fantastic turkey and a Christmas panacotta made by Mark. Wilhelm and Tuva-Li opened their Christmas presents from us and so did also André, Anna, Mark and Hanna-Fia as we will not see them tomorrow, i.e. the Swedish "Julafton". We had a lovely evening together!
Mark with his family
Anna was the Christmas "woman"
And she also got a present
Mark, Wilhelm and I are playing a Spiderman game
And mother and daughter is playing Tuva-Li´s game
And now all of us are playing together
Anna and Hanna-Fia with a sleeping Tuva-Li
Father and son

lördag 22 december 2012

Jannicke 40 years old

On the 18th of December Jannicke celebrated her 40th birthday with champagne at their house and a Swedish "Julbord" with "snaps", beer and wine at a very "pitoresque" restaurant. It was a fantastic evening.... The only person we did miss was Åsa - Filip´s wife - who was in bed at home with fever.

Tobbe, Mark, Anna & André
Jannicke, Sven, Göran & Anki - Tobbe´s parents
Mother & daughter
Jannicke, Göran & myself
Me & Anki
The babysitter with Embla & Toril
The kids!
A couple in love!

måndag 10 december 2012

Glögg in Västervik

We invited our best friends in Västervik for GLÖGG - and I took this picture before our guests arrived - and then we had so much fun so neither Sven nor I thought about taking pictures.Sorry about that but we had a wonderful eveing!

söndag 9 december 2012

The 2nd of Advent

We celebrated the 1st of Advent in Cyprus in sun at the poolside and the 2nd of Advent - only a week later - in snow in Västervik. What a differens!

Wonderful sunny Cyprus
Wonderful snowy Sweden

torsdag 6 december 2012


After having had two wonderful days in Lund - meeting everybody in our big family - we drow to Solhäll yesterday and Egon - Mark´s and Hanna-Fia´s dog told us that he wanted to have some days of vacation from Wilhelm - almost five - and Tuva-Lie - four years next summer. So of course he was welcome to come along - and he loves Solhäll and the snow!

söndag 2 december 2012

Sunday 1st of Advent

Today we celebrated the 1st of Advent by lightening the fist candle at the poolside. Either did Sven not manage to put his feet into the pool or he immediately changed his mind. Too cold? No - the temperature is 17 degrees - and we are the Vikings!