onsdag 26 december 2012

"Julafton" - Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve at Jannicke´s partents in law´s place and we had a fantastic evening! We drank "glögg" - and although we were only six grown-ups and two children we did eat 30 "lussekatter", which Sven and I baked in the morning. Santa Clause arrived in a black Ferrari - at least he told us so - and the children got lots of presents and we some... Everybody was satisfied.

The food was excellent - and so the beer, "snaps" and wine - and the hospitality! It was a lovely evening....

Donald Duck on the TV "served with "Lussekatter,
 Pepparkakor & glögg"
Santa Clause has arrived..
And Toril & Embla get LARGE presents
Göran is preparing the ham
And Tobbe the delicious cheeses
And Anki the meatballs, the sausages and, and, and...
Sven is building "Pippi Långstump´s" house
together with Embla and Toril
And Toril is playing with it waiting for the
Swedish "Julbord"
The traditional Swedish "Julbord" with herring
Ham, meatballs, sausages and.....
The cheeses

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