söndag 23 december 2012

"Lillejulafton" at André & Anna

We spent "Lillejulafton", i.e. the 23rd of Decmber, at André´s and Anna´s house together with Mark´s family. Åsa is still in bed with fever so we missed her and Filip. We had homemade "glögg", a fantastic turkey and a Christmas panacotta made by Mark. Wilhelm and Tuva-Li opened their Christmas presents from us and so did also André, Anna, Mark and Hanna-Fia as we will not see them tomorrow, i.e. the Swedish "Julafton". We had a lovely evening together!
Mark with his family
Anna was the Christmas "woman"
And she also got a present
Mark, Wilhelm and I are playing a Spiderman game
And mother and daughter is playing Tuva-Li´s game
And now all of us are playing together
Anna and Hanna-Fia with a sleeping Tuva-Li
Father and son

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