tisdag 29 januari 2013

Back in Cyprus

We left Sweden / Västervik / Malmö / Lund yesterday and we are back in Cyprus. The last picture in Västervik from our living room and the first picture from our living room in Paphos.... What a difference!

Solhäll in snow

Paphos in sunlight

fredag 25 januari 2013

Minus 16 degrees in Västervik

So cold in Västervik - so we also did light the open fire for the first
time in our kitchen and we did get a fantastic warmth!

On Sunday we will drive to Malmö / Lund to meet our children and on Monday we will fly home to CYPRUS!

onsdag 23 januari 2013

Winter views of Solhäll

Now we have only a couple of days left here in Västervik in snow. Solhäll - meaning cliff in the sun in Swedish - is as beautiful in the winter as in the summer - though somewhat colder....
The "result of a night´s snowing.....

A view from our livingroom in darkness

And at daylight


Next day we went to the yearly arranged "Knutsbalen" in Lund - a fantastic event where we meet other friends of ours from our 32 years in Lund before we moved to Cyprus. Black tie and long dress....
Almost 70 years old but still going strong...
A drink before
The dinner
Which I did enjoy
And "nattamat" as we say in Sweden - food after
midnight with beer and snaps
And Sven is so happy.....

Meeting dear friends in Lund

You may think I am dead" not having updated my blog for so long - but to be honest I felt like "dead"! We spent a wonderful Christmas with our big family and two of our grandchildren - Wilhelm and Tuva-Li - were so generous with their colds.... It has taken me four weeks to recover - with some fantastic moments in between... On the 11th of January we meet our best friends in Lund at The Old Bull and I did love it!

Me and our daughter in law Åsa who married our son
Filip in June last year

Sven´s table with Jannicke´s and Mark´s parents in law
and some other friends