lördag 30 mars 2013

Easter lunch

After having taken a very quick swim in the pool - already 18 degrees - I drove to Letymbou - a small village close to us - to eat an Easter buffé together with 54 other Swedish friends. Sven was playing golf and I mingled with friends. It was my first time at this taverna but certainly not the last!  Some pictures below....

The soup is served
Sallads and vegitables
The meats and fishes
"My" table
And allmost all of us!

tisdag 26 mars 2013

Two birds in Paphos harbour

Banks being closed here in Cyprys it is very easy not to spend any money - so what did we do? We drove down to the harbour and met two birds - a Pelican and Gladan! So Gladan is still here and Sven was very happy this very windy day that he did not have to secure her but only look.... and the pelican was amusing all the people in the harbour.
Sven and Gladan
The beautiful Pelican

fredag 22 mars 2013

Back in Cyprus

Having said "Welcome" to Andrés and Anna´s babyboy in Sweden we are back in Cyprus and yesterday I was back on the Minthis Hill´s golfcourse - 5 minutes from our house - together with Sue and some pain killers for my back. Fantastic weather and rather good golfing.....

tisdag 12 mars 2013


A picture of baby-Spånberg one week old together with his Grandmothers!

Dinner at Jannicke´s family

Yesterday we were invited for dinner with Jannicke´s family - and we are so happy seeing our children every day during our short stay in Lund / Malmö. Today we will visit my sister and then again André & Anna together with her parents. We do spend a lovely time in cold, cold Sweden!
Sven playing a game with Embla & Toril
Toril & I trying to build the Eiffel tower
A very happy family!

söndag 10 mars 2013

A very bussy day!

When we looked out of our hotel window this morning it was snowing, cold and windy. Terrible weather - and for a second we missed the weathr in Cyprus - but only that short second! We are so happy being here in Lund / Malmö meeting our children with families. Today we met all of them except for Mark´s wife Hanna-Fia.
André and Anna invited us all for dinner - and as Filip & Åsa were going to Copenhagen for a concert in Copenhagen this evening we went to Malmö for coffe and scones in the afternoon.
This morning....
Filip & Åsa with their two cats
Jannicke with baby Spånberg and Sven
Mark with Wilhelm & Tuva-Li
Father & son
Toril, Jannicke, Embla and Anna
Sven, Anna, Elsa, Mark and Tuva-Li
Mark, Tuva-Li and do you know the lady beside her?
Embla, Toril, Tuva-Li, Elsa with babybrother X and Wilhelm

lördag 9 mars 2013

Final of the Swedish Eurovision Song Contest

Relaxed in our hotel room after a very hectic day watching the Final of the Swedish Eurovision Song Contest. Did the right song win? We will know that on the 18th of May when the 2013 European Song Contest takes place in Malmö, SWEDEN, as Loreen was the winner of the whole competition in Baku last year with the song "Euphoria"!


Our fifth Grandchild

In the evening of the 5th of March our oldest son André and his Anna gave birth to our latest Grandchild - a beautiful big boy 4.100 kg and 53 cm tall. We immediately booked our tickets and at noontime on the 7th of March we left Tsada - destination Lund - to welcome him. Yesterday we met him and his so happy parents for the first time - and he is gordious! See for yourselves.....
So cute and only 2½ days old
A very proud and happy Grandmother
and Grandfather