söndag 10 mars 2013

A very bussy day!

When we looked out of our hotel window this morning it was snowing, cold and windy. Terrible weather - and for a second we missed the weathr in Cyprus - but only that short second! We are so happy being here in Lund / Malmö meeting our children with families. Today we met all of them except for Mark´s wife Hanna-Fia.
André and Anna invited us all for dinner - and as Filip & Åsa were going to Copenhagen for a concert in Copenhagen this evening we went to Malmö for coffe and scones in the afternoon.
This morning....
Filip & Åsa with their two cats
Jannicke with baby Spånberg and Sven
Mark with Wilhelm & Tuva-Li
Father & son
Toril, Jannicke, Embla and Anna
Sven, Anna, Elsa, Mark and Tuva-Li
Mark, Tuva-Li and do you know the lady beside her?
Embla, Toril, Tuva-Li, Elsa with babybrother X and Wilhelm

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