söndag 28 april 2013

Lunch with friends at Koh-i Noor

We had a fantatic lunch in beautiful weather at Koh-i-Noor together with Swedish and English friends!
Sven did prefer to drive MY car - and I said of course
And here we are!

Salmon in the evening with Sue and Steve

We started with "my" salmon and a glas of wite wine at six and the weather was beautiful. Although it was a bit colder in the evening we stayed outdoors swept into blankets. It was a wonderful evening!
So wonderful at six ..
and so cold at eight
and also the "boys" were cold
                                                          and  look at us all....

Olof 70 years old!

We spent a fantastic afternoon at our favourite winery Tsangarides - invited by Olof to celebrate his 70th birthday - and look at the pictures - we had a WONDERFUL afternoon!

Sven and Carl-Erland in the sun
A beautiful view from the winery
Olof - of course - and Sven and me
I was there
Sven and Olof
A fantastic PARTY - thank you Olof!

fredag 19 april 2013

Bridge only for ladies!

We were eight ladies playing bridge at our house when our men were cooking a lamb steak at Evert´s & Anita´s house. I do think we were the winners! So many laughs came out from the Aphrodite Street 9 and were heard all over Pafo this
And Angret is here!
Did we do anthing wrong?
All of us except Anngret who took the photo...

måndag 15 april 2013

Yesterday poolside - today hail

Yesterday afternoon I spent at the poolside and with a quick swim in the pool - 20 degrees - and today also in the garden reading a book. Believe it or not - this evening it started to  hail.... The world is up and down!

A view from our livingroom at19.00..........

lördag 13 april 2013

Hallo - my name is Sven Hugo Spånberg

This is our fifth Grandchild - Sven Hugo Spånberg - one month old! Beautiful as his mother......

Fondue in Olympus Village

Sven´s "twin" Dan and his wife Angela were invited to us over a fondue. They had of course  to cook their meals themselves - and we had a lovely evening!


onsdag 10 april 2013

Wine testing at Kamares

Sven and I and our friends Ewa-Britt and Lars took part in a wine testing yesterday together with 50 friends from the UK. It was the winery Tsiakkas that presented their wines. The rosé was fantastic and we had a fantastic time!

Sven & Lars
Me & Ewa-Britt having fun!

tisdag 2 april 2013

My perfect caddy!

We have had this perfect weather today - although with some winds - and I played golf with Sue - OK - I did not play golf with her because she has for the moment problems with an arm and I try to ignore my back... So she was my "caddy". And she really did a perfect job! She was "driving" my trolley, advising me what club to use - and we had a lovely time together - as always! Though she was my caddy - she did not clean my clubs - but that was OK!

Sven was at the driving range - played a couple of holes of his own thereafter - and Steve was playing 18 holes with his "boys" - but we finally met at first at the Club House and later over white wine and beer at Sue´s and Steve´s house before we continued home just around the corner!

My "caddy" and me
All of us relaxing in the sun at Sue´s and Steve´s house