tisdag 2 april 2013

My perfect caddy!

We have had this perfect weather today - although with some winds - and I played golf with Sue - OK - I did not play golf with her because she has for the moment problems with an arm and I try to ignore my back... So she was my "caddy". And she really did a perfect job! She was "driving" my trolley, advising me what club to use - and we had a lovely time together - as always! Though she was my caddy - she did not clean my clubs - but that was OK!

Sven was at the driving range - played a couple of holes of his own thereafter - and Steve was playing 18 holes with his "boys" - but we finally met at first at the Club House and later over white wine and beer at Sue´s and Steve´s house before we continued home just around the corner!

My "caddy" and me
All of us relaxing in the sun at Sue´s and Steve´s house

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