lördag 25 maj 2013

Preparing for Sweden

Next Friday the 31st of May we will leave the island in the sun for almost 3 month in Sweden. We will fly home again on the 27th of August.

Today Sven emptied our jacuzzi in wonderful weather - almost as hot as the jacuzzi , i.e. 38 degrees! Our roses around the jacuzzi are growing so fast!

onsdag 22 maj 2013

Winetour, the Harbour and Dinner at friends

My sister Siv and me were chatting from the moment we woke up until we closed our eyes in the evenings. We had a lovely time!

We went to a one-day fantastic Winetour with the Kamares Wineclub, visiting Kamanterena, Tsalapatis -  and Vasilikon and did taste very good wines. We had meze at Petradaki after the wine-tasting and it was excellent !

One day we had a glass of wine in the harbour visiting Gladan and I showed her "my" places during the week.

We had a lovely dinner with Sue & Steve last Friday.

The week could not have been better! Some pictures.....

Tasting wines at Tsalapatis being served bread and cheese

Lunch at Petradaki - we were over 20 people

And a glass of wine in the harbour with Gladan far away
in the background

She had a happy landing in a rainy Sweden early yesterday morning.......

onsdag 15 maj 2013

My sister Siv

My only sibbling - my sister Siv - arrived yesterday in Larnaca for the first time in Cyprus - and as Sven is playing golf in Turkey - they did let him in - our very close friends Sue & Steve drove me to Larnaca to pick her up. That is what I call real friends!

Today it was raining with thunderstorms but we did not care because we had some business to do - her income tax declaration this year was a bit complicated.

We had a lovely day - and evening looking at the World Championship in icehockey where Sweden did beat Denmark!

Siv at Larnaca Airport for the first time

Papers, papers and papers all over the table

lördag 11 maj 2013

The Fountain

I drove Sven to the pick up area at six o´clock this morning for his golfing in Turkey for one week - and as he has not come back I hope he is in his hotel - and not again in a Turkish prison!

Sue and Steve invited me for a drink at their house together with John, whose wife is in the UK - and after having finished red wine, white wine and beer John drove us to "The Fountain" in Tsada.

We had a lovely meal - Sue and I had salmon and it was perfect - but we did miss the sauce.... Steve had a BIG steak so we could not believe that he would be able to eat it all - but he did!.  We were driven home by John and Steve escorted me all the 35 steps to our front door. A lovely evening for me - being otherwise "home alone"!!

Look at the steak that Steve has ordered

And he did eat it all!

Dinner at "Fat Mama´s"

As Sven and Göran today are leaving for a week of golf in Turkey Göran and Lena invited us for a very enjoyable dinner at "Fat Mama´s" yesterday together with their friend Conny and his daughter Nellie - and we had great FUN! Does it show from the pictures?

Sven - what do you wear? And those girls?

Our host - and very close friend

Conny .......

fredag 10 maj 2013

The girls playing bridge and the boys cooking

Yesterday we were eight girls playing bridge at Anita´s house and four boys were cooking in our house. I was very impressed that the plum sufflé was perfect! Sven has never done that on his own before.

We - girls - had a fantastic evening with so many laughs, cheeses, fruits, meatbolls - thank you Ewa-Britt - very tasty bread and.............

All of us with Rigmor´s friend Lena

And I was also there

The food was excellent!

And we enjoyed it!

Very serous bridge....

At two tables

Sven was the "barbecue master" and Evert, Ingemar and Lars enjoyed it!

Lars & Sven relaxing after the cooking

Sorry that Ingemar is not on the pictures - but he did take the photos and obviously none of the other boys were clever enough to ask him for the camera to take a picture also with him - but he was here....

måndag 6 maj 2013

Lunch with Swedish neighbours Gerd-Louise & Calle

Yesterday we spent a fantastic lunch and afternoon - invited by our neighbours Gerd-Louise & Calle. We did enjoy the terrific food, the tasty wines and the company of the host and hostess and some of our other friends here in Pafos.

The delicious lunch buffé!

And all of us enjoying the fodd and wine ...

The host and hostess

Sue and the cheeses

Anders saying "Thank you so much"

And Sven and me on our way home a couple of hundred
meters away in my "baby Peugeot - my back is still a
problem for me.....

fredag 3 maj 2013

Barbecue with our "in prisoned" friends

It feels like ages since they were here - Göran and Lena - with whom we spent our time in prison in Antalya in Turkey, -we had a barbecue evening tonight with them and their friend Conny with his daughter. Fantastic weather - but still a bit chilly in the night.

Sven and Göran are "challenging" the Turkish authorithies next week flying  to Antalya only a couple of days after our fine "two years deportation" went out on the 19th of April? We will see... My sister will finally visit me that week so I do hope they let Sven in..
After the salmon
  • We are waiting
 for the barbecue chicken - delisious!