lördag 11 maj 2013

The Fountain

I drove Sven to the pick up area at six o´clock this morning for his golfing in Turkey for one week - and as he has not come back I hope he is in his hotel - and not again in a Turkish prison!

Sue and Steve invited me for a drink at their house together with John, whose wife is in the UK - and after having finished red wine, white wine and beer John drove us to "The Fountain" in Tsada.

We had a lovely meal - Sue and I had salmon and it was perfect - but we did miss the sauce.... Steve had a BIG steak so we could not believe that he would be able to eat it all - but he did!.  We were driven home by John and Steve escorted me all the 35 steps to our front door. A lovely evening for me - being otherwise "home alone"!!

Look at the steak that Steve has ordered

And he did eat it all!

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