fredag 10 maj 2013

The girls playing bridge and the boys cooking

Yesterday we were eight girls playing bridge at Anita´s house and four boys were cooking in our house. I was very impressed that the plum sufflé was perfect! Sven has never done that on his own before.

We - girls - had a fantastic evening with so many laughs, cheeses, fruits, meatbolls - thank you Ewa-Britt - very tasty bread and.............

All of us with Rigmor´s friend Lena

And I was also there

The food was excellent!

And we enjoyed it!

Very serous bridge....

At two tables

Sven was the "barbecue master" and Evert, Ingemar and Lars enjoyed it!

Lars & Sven relaxing after the cooking

Sorry that Ingemar is not on the pictures - but he did take the photos and obviously none of the other boys were clever enough to ask him for the camera to take a picture also with him - but he was here....

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