onsdag 22 maj 2013

Winetour, the Harbour and Dinner at friends

My sister Siv and me were chatting from the moment we woke up until we closed our eyes in the evenings. We had a lovely time!

We went to a one-day fantastic Winetour with the Kamares Wineclub, visiting Kamanterena, Tsalapatis -  and Vasilikon and did taste very good wines. We had meze at Petradaki after the wine-tasting and it was excellent !

One day we had a glass of wine in the harbour visiting Gladan and I showed her "my" places during the week.

We had a lovely dinner with Sue & Steve last Friday.

The week could not have been better! Some pictures.....

Tasting wines at Tsalapatis being served bread and cheese

Lunch at Petradaki - we were over 20 people

And a glass of wine in the harbour with Gladan far away
in the background

She had a happy landing in a rainy Sweden early yesterday morning.......

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