fredag 28 juni 2013

Visit of Swedish friends living in Cyprus

Yesterday Ingemar and Ulla arrived at Solhäll by boat together with Ingemar's sister Britt and her husband Lennart - the skipper on the boat - and later in the afternoon Maina and Hans arrived by car. We had a lovely evening! They are our bridge partners and close friends in Pafos.

After breakfast they all went for a walk and I prepared a pick-nick - and at lunchtime we left with our Buster and Sven found a fantastic calm bay were we had herring and salmon.

Snacks upon arrival
Britt, Ulla and Maina on our way to the pick-nick
Buster's Captain
Preparing for the pick-nick
And the "boys" did help us.....
Ulla, Hans and Maina enjoying the sunshine
And Ingemar on one of the beautiful cliffs in the bay

Ulla, Ingemar, Britt and Lennart leaving Solhäll this afternoon with their
Beneteau 36 feet "Längtan". We already miss their company....

tisdag 25 juni 2013

Hugo's first visit to an island in Västervik

Hugo just loves to sail along and yesterday we took a trip with our Buster to have a "pick-nick" at this beautiful island

Anna, André and Hugo leaving Solhäll with us
For this beautiful island
And this fantastic view!

lördag 22 juni 2013

Next day....

The sun was shining and most of Andrés and Anna´s friends decided to go for a walk - and after that everybody left us except for André with his family. They will stay until Monday.

Brunch at Solhäll

Going for a walk around Gränsö
 Sven Hugo smiling - looking at his Grandmother

Midsommar at Solhäll

We were really prepared to sail along to Gränsö Slott to celebrate our traditional "Midsommar" when the heaven opened and we decided to stay at Solhäll for our brunch and the the sun just came into our lives and we decided to take out two Bustrs for a beautiful tour in the beautiful. It was a magic evening

Children shopping - we will have food for the whole summer

And potatoes - my God...
The mini Buster
Playing Kubb in the sunshine
Of course the boys did win
The Midsummer table
And all of us
And at the table

fredag 21 juni 2013

Sven Hugo´s first visit to Solhäll

Sven Hugo arrived yesterday with his parents Andé and Anna for his first visit at Solhäll 3½ months old. Today we are celebrating a Swedish traditional Midsommar with Andrés and Annas family and friends.
Just arrived and Grandmother and Grandfather were there to welcome
Sven Hugo´s first glance of Solhäll - and he seems to enjoy what he sees...

torsdag 20 juni 2013

Ready for the "invation"

Anna, André and our grandson Hugo will arrive to Solhäll early this evening and during the late evening and the night another 10 of their friends will arrive - and Anna´s mother Katarina together with her husband Peter. So tomorrow we will be 16 at the breakfast table.

So I have been baking about 200 "kanelbullar" and "lussekatter" and I have been shopping to serve breakfast for 16 people... I love it!

About 200 Kanelbullar & Lussekatter
Bread for breakfat for 16 people
Ham, cheese, meatballs, marmelade, paté .....

söndag 16 juni 2013

"Rio" Carneval in Västervik

The sun was shining and the weather was fantastic so we decided to take our "big" Buster to the Fisher harbour to watch the Carneval. We strolled around - and met friends to chat with - and we saw the fantastic dansers over a cup of coffe in the harbour - and then we had a meal in one of the tents. Fantastic meat from a Bulgarian restaurant over a plastic glass of wine. Sven asked me to harry up drinking the wine - but you know I drink it slowly enjoying it.

Leaving the harbour the Coast Guard boarded us and Sven had to blow...... The limit here in Sweden is 0.2 and Sven had 0.26 so we were draggeed back into the harbour as Sven was not allowed to stire our boat. We had to wait there for two hours until they gave us an OK to continue to Solhäll. I was freezing cold in our Buster but I did not want to go onboard the Coast Guard boat so during all Sven´s tests they gave me a jacket and a nice warm blanket.

Sven will have to expect some fine - but that is all- hopefully..... And I just laugh over  everthing that is happening to us.....

But -What a CARNEVAL!
It was Samba all the way around Västervik!

And lots of people!
Carneval people wawing us off....

To meet the Coastguard

My God - what an experience - but much better than the Turkish Prison

onsdag 12 juni 2013

The "garden"

Mats from Marieberg was here with two of his employes helping us out with the "garden" They have been working hard for a couple of days - but the result is perfect! or - what do you think?

"Boden" with the flowers we bought for Filip´s and Åsa´s wedding
Roses and "lavendel"at the lower terrasse
Outside the verande

And oliv trees at the lower terrasse
And nice flowers the entrance to Solhäll
And lovely flowers that also have to be watered...
 And just around the corner

Sven 67 years old

We did celebrate Sven - 67 years old- yesterday together with our dear friends Togge & Rigge and Lena & Jan. Sven did pick them up in Västervik with our Buster and we had  fantastic evening....

Guests arriving....
Champagne in the sun

We were so happy in the middle of the night

måndag 10 juni 2013

A better sea view

Risking his life Sven climbled the ladder to take down a branch just outside our livingroom. I almost got it in my head when I was taking some photos - but both Sven and I did survive! I am so pleased....

My God  Sven is up in the air!

Safely down - cutting the branch into pieces to keep
us warm during the winter

söndag 9 juni 2013

Visit of a "sea-duck" and Mark rowing

This morning we got a visit of a "sea-duck" and the children were so excited when feeding it with bread. When satisfied - she flew away but I do think she will come back when hungry....

Mark took our "small" Buster and did row to Sven´s Island with the children for an "excursion" in a sunny and beautiful Västervik. Also today a blue sky and a warming sun!

Visit of the "sea-duck"
Wilhelm, Tuva-Li and their cousins Elva and Otto
Mark is leaving - rowing to Sven´s Island in the background
And off they go!

lördag 8 juni 2013

Visit of Mark with family

                                     Mark and Wilhelm under the blue sky in the blue water

                                 Elva is navigting the boat without any help from the Captain...

Hanna-Fia, Tuva-Li, Elva, Wilhelm and Mark