söndag 16 juni 2013

"Rio" Carneval in Västervik

The sun was shining and the weather was fantastic so we decided to take our "big" Buster to the Fisher harbour to watch the Carneval. We strolled around - and met friends to chat with - and we saw the fantastic dansers over a cup of coffe in the harbour - and then we had a meal in one of the tents. Fantastic meat from a Bulgarian restaurant over a plastic glass of wine. Sven asked me to harry up drinking the wine - but you know I drink it slowly enjoying it.

Leaving the harbour the Coast Guard boarded us and Sven had to blow...... The limit here in Sweden is 0.2 and Sven had 0.26 so we were draggeed back into the harbour as Sven was not allowed to stire our boat. We had to wait there for two hours until they gave us an OK to continue to Solhäll. I was freezing cold in our Buster but I did not want to go onboard the Coast Guard boat so during all Sven´s tests they gave me a jacket and a nice warm blanket.

Sven will have to expect some fine - but that is all- hopefully..... And I just laugh over  everthing that is happening to us.....

But -What a CARNEVAL!
It was Samba all the way around Västervik!

And lots of people!
Carneval people wawing us off....

To meet the Coastguard

My God - what an experience - but much better than the Turkish Prison

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