måndag 29 juli 2013

Visiting Öregrund

We were invited by Gerd-Louise and Calle to their beautiful holiday home in Öregrund for among other activities a golf competition. Our dear friends Göran and Lena arrived to Solhäll Tuesday in the afternoon of the 23rd of July and we had a lovely evening together!

Next morning we drove to Gävle to taste our Mackmyra whisky - 30 liters - and after 2 years' of storage it was strong - 58.9 % - but "tasty"! We have to wait another year or two before we take out our 56 bottles of hopefully drinkable whisky at about 46 %. I now did feel it going down to my stomack....

We had fantastic days - also visiting one of Sweden's nuklear reactors at Forsmark.

Lena and I did not play golf so Gerd-Louise took us for a very interesting sightseeing.

Göran relaxing at Solhäll
And so did Lena and I!
Mackmyra and whisky tasting
The village of  Forsmark built more than three houndred years ago..

The "boys"
And the "girls"
and the perfect Hostess and Host!
Serving fantastic food
And we were sooo HAPPY
And we were served this fantastic bottle of wine!
Sunset at Öregrund...

måndag 22 juli 2013

A lovely day!

Wilhelm and Tuva-Li loved playing and biking at Solhäll and sailing to a beautiful island in this beautiful sunny weather - and we love to have them here!

Grandfather, father and grandchild - three generations
Mark thinks - please leave me alone for a minute
And Hanna-Fia took over.....
Wilhelm is biking on our lawn
And so is Tuva-Li
What is the problem with the bike?
Tuva-Li at the island taking a "swim"
The sun is shining and Wilhelm loves the water
And we have a "pick-nick" on "our" island

Tuva-Li is helping Grandfather to stear our Buster back to Solhäll

lördag 20 juli 2013

Visit of Mark with family

Yesterday Mark, Hanna-Fia, Wilhelm and Tuva-Li came by for two days here at Solhäll on their way to Sälen in the north of Sweden for a week's vacation. We had a very cosy evening with a barbecue....

Grandmother with Tuva-Li and Grandfather with Wilhelm
Together looking at all the motor- and sailing boats passing by
Mark also thought they were a nice couple
And this is Hanna-Fia in the sunset

Our "beach"

Sven has been working hard to "clear" our beach from branches taking away the sun - and although he has done a great job we have to take away some big, big and tall, tall trees - the one on the picture he cannot take down by himself...

We have to have the sun on the beach -
- before we work hard to take away all the weeds of this year!

onsdag 17 juli 2013

Visit of friends from Lund

Ingrid and Per-Åke whom we have known since 1982 came for a couple of days to Solhäll. As always we were out with the big Buster and we went for some icecream and sightseeing in Västervik. Before they left we saw all the beautiful old boats in "Hasselörodden" coming into the harbour of Västervik hawing been rowing for at least 4 hours.

Outside the old prison - now a hotel - but we were also inside....
At the most important places in St. Gertrud's church
Per-Åke taking a very brave swim in the cold water
Having a drink in the sunshine afterwards .......
I was looking after the boat when the others went 

for the icecream
And some of the old boats coming in to the harbour of Västervik

fredag 12 juli 2013

"The old man" windsurfing...

I do think he is very brave and he did so well although falling into the water once - but he was a bit shaky when he came back - and his hands and feet so cold.... But a warm shower, the sun and me did warm him up!

Sven sailing into our "sand bay" at Solhäll

tisdag 9 juli 2013

Tuva-Li's 4th birthday

I was invited to Tuva-Li's 4th birthday yesterday before I left for Västervik.

She was running around all the time so I have only two photos of her - and her brother was a bit sad that he did not get any presents so he did hide.... But it was a lovely sunny party that I had to leave too early to take the last train to Västervik. My Captain picked me up in Västervik's harbour - and now I am back at beautiful Solhäll!

The birthday child Tuva-Li
Embla, Jannicke and Toril in the sunshine
Swedish cakes....
Grandmother Helene and Mark opening presents
And André took a "swim" in the babypool
And so did Embla and Toril

måndag 8 juli 2013


Hugo is waiting for his first trip in a sailing boat

André and Elsa putting together the motor 
And installing it
Packing the boat for an overnight stay
And driving away to sail away....

Visiting Jannicke's family

After the meeting with my cousins I took the train to Lund / Malmö. Jannicke and me picked up Toril and Embla and went in the evening  to  the restaurant "Wärldshuset" to have dinner with also Åsa and Filip. We did end up over beer and wine after an invitation from Tobbe. So nice sitting down with the children - and grandchildren.

Toril on an "excursion" reading a book for her doll
All of us at Wärdshuset
Åsa, Filip and Jannicke enjoying the dinner!
Toril and Embla - and me