onsdag 17 juli 2013

Visit of friends from Lund

Ingrid and Per-Åke whom we have known since 1982 came for a couple of days to Solhäll. As always we were out with the big Buster and we went for some icecream and sightseeing in Västervik. Before they left we saw all the beautiful old boats in "Hasselörodden" coming into the harbour of Västervik hawing been rowing for at least 4 hours.

Outside the old prison - now a hotel - but we were also inside....
At the most important places in St. Gertrud's church
Per-Åke taking a very brave swim in the cold water
Having a drink in the sunshine afterwards .......
I was looking after the boat when the others went 

for the icecream
And some of the old boats coming in to the harbour of Västervik

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