måndag 29 juli 2013

Visiting Öregrund

We were invited by Gerd-Louise and Calle to their beautiful holiday home in Öregrund for among other activities a golf competition. Our dear friends Göran and Lena arrived to Solhäll Tuesday in the afternoon of the 23rd of July and we had a lovely evening together!

Next morning we drove to Gävle to taste our Mackmyra whisky - 30 liters - and after 2 years' of storage it was strong - 58.9 % - but "tasty"! We have to wait another year or two before we take out our 56 bottles of hopefully drinkable whisky at about 46 %. I now did feel it going down to my stomack....

We had fantastic days - also visiting one of Sweden's nuklear reactors at Forsmark.

Lena and I did not play golf so Gerd-Louise took us for a very interesting sightseeing.

Göran relaxing at Solhäll
And so did Lena and I!
Mackmyra and whisky tasting
The village of  Forsmark built more than three houndred years ago..

The "boys"
And the "girls"
and the perfect Hostess and Host!
Serving fantastic food
And we were sooo HAPPY
And we were served this fantastic bottle of wine!
Sunset at Öregrund...

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