onsdag 14 augusti 2013

Children, grandchildren and friends in and out

On the 31st of July both Jannicke with Embla and Toril and André with Anna, Elsa and Hugo arrived. Next day our dear friends Kjell and Louise came to visit us and on the 4th of August Mark came with Wilhelm and Tuva-Li - so below pictures from their visits....

Toril in the "blueberry" wood
And Embla and Elsa did found some.....
Now it is golf competition- and on his second shot he hit his island
Kjell did not....
And neither did I so I had to jump into the water with Embla and Elsa
Dinner with the family - and guess who were first ar the icecreme table... Embla, Toril and Elsa

Embla playing with her mother's and oncles' toys
Jannicke with Hugo - taking good care of him
Toril - I do not know what she wants to show me
Sun, sun and sun and Andr'e with Anna and Hugo
Elsa and Toril playing in the bay of Solhäll
Do they get any fishes?
And Embla is trying too
Elsa is tired....
Activities on the boats...
Jannicke, Toril and Embla on our way for a dinner at Idö

André, Hugo and Sven - three generations...
André me and Anna enjoying the beautiful weather
Sailing back to Solhäll - Embla is helping Grandfather
And we passed Andreś boat as they were sailing and we were sailing with our big buster
Back to Solhäll's beach - hard work
And Wilhelm and Tuva-Li are helping Mark and their Grandfather
See by your selves..
After hard work you have to take a swim...
And of course we invited all of them for dinner
André, Anna and me enjoying the sunshine
The cousines, Wilhelm, Tuva-Li and Hugo
The engineers playing with a steam machine from their childhood....
André with his son
Everyone resting
And we were fit for fight next morning

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