fredag 30 augusti 2013

Last days in Sweden this summer

In the evening of August 24 we enjoyed this beautiful sunset with Sven's island in front of us - the last day of this summer.....

We drow down to Lund / Malmö to say Good Bye to the children and their families on August 25 and met them all before the take off to Cyprus. We arrived to our beautiful island in the sun early Wednesday morning with 29 degrees in the air and the same temperature in our pool. I could not resist to take a swim before going to bed...

Sven's island outside Solhäll in the sunset
Elsa with baby brother Hugo
And mother Anna with her son
Toril and Embla are joking with their Grandfather
 Dinner in Malmö - Mark was on a business trip and

was "home alone" with Toril and Embla
Jannicke, Tuva-Li, Wilhelm and Hanna-Fia having great fun
Sister and brother - Jannicke and André

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