söndag 29 september 2013

Autumn is here...

When autumn has arrived in Sweden we Swedes tend to fly back to the summer in Cyprus. Some of us met at a taverna in Letimbou yesterday for a lovely Meze.

Fantastic friends
And fantastic food

onsdag 25 september 2013

I am BACK!

After two weeks seeing only the General Hospital and our house and the streets to and from the hospital I went to Minthis Hills last Wednesday to watch Sven taking an hour golf lesson with our pro David - comfortably placed in a chair. Last Thursday my dear friend Sue took me to a fantaastic restaurant at the seeside and I did enjoy a perfect throut for lunch.

Sunday we played bridge - at least I did try to do - at Ulla's and Ingemar's place and Monday we were invited to Sue and Steve and in the middle of the night Sven invited them for "Janssons Frestelse" yesterday - and as always we had a lovely evening planning their visit to Västervik next summer....

So as you see - I am BACK!

Cheeses as dessert....
And Sven was also with us ....

onsdag 11 september 2013

Visit of Marie & Anders - with me in hospital...

Marie & Anders - Filip's parents in law - arrived in the evening of Wedneday the 5th and we went to Larnaca to pick them up. We had some wine and sandwiches in the "velvet, dark evening. After breakfast on Thursday we made a tour in the suroundings of Paphos and had a late lunch.

By then I started to get stomach pain and it went worse and worse - and at nine o'clock in the evening the pain was unbearable so I asked Sven to phone an ambulans - and although this is Cyprus it arrived within 10 minutes. After tests taken in a big hurry they found that I had a big whole on the duodenum and at 23.00 I was put to sleep for an emergency surgery. I woke up with four tubes from different parts of my body and the doctor told me that if I had waited a couple of hours later he was not sure that they had been able to save me..... Without any drinks - and of course no food - they took away the tubes after three days and I was allowed to drink water and have some teastless soupe. The doctors said that my recovery has been extremely fast - they called me a VIKING - and if Sven promised to take care of me to 100 % I was allowed to go home yesterday afternoon - i.e Tuesday the 10th but must be back Friday and Monday for check ups - and to remove the more than 20 stiches. But I am still alive!

The show must go on so Sven took our friends to the very famous Opera Festival, to swim in the Mediterranean, visiting Aphrodite's bath and enjoying the warm nights in Olympus Village. They left us the day before I arrived home........

Visiting Tsangarides Winery for wine tasting
Friday morning after the operation...
With all the tubes not being able to leave the bed for three days!
Marie & Anders at the Opera together with some of our Swedish friends
The artists thanking the audience
A swim in the Mediterrenean's cristal clear water
At Aphrodite's bath
Finally at HOME!

söndag 1 september 2013

60-year party

Together with Sue with champagne and snacks
Judy with her husband Harry
Now Steve is also on the picture
And Dallas and David together with  "newfound" friend Roy
And the happy couple with the birthday "kid" Judy