torsdag 17 oktober 2013

Lunch in Lathi harbour

Malcolm - who has sold his house in Kamares - to leave the island in the sun for grey, cold, rainy UK invited me for lunch today in the harbour of Lathi before he leaves us permanently tonight....

Kenya / Sweden / Cyprus

More than 10 years ago I managed to bring Jambo from Kenya to Sweden travelling with flights and train and taxi to Lund. When moving to Cyprus 2007 he came to us in a container - and this morning I could not stop laughing when I saw that Sven has used him to dry his Swedish socks! Please believe me - the picture is NOT arranged!

Jambo as a "sock dryer"........

måndag 14 oktober 2013

The Nordic countries against rest of Europe - Golf of course!

Sven was today participating in the Nordic team - of course - and our friend Steve in the European team - so it was us against them but as we are sooo close friends we did congratulate the European team winning over the Nordic team - but Sven was happy - and of course proud that he and Anita were "Runner ups" in the Nordic team and the third couple in total!

After the competition Clary and Lars Erlandson did invite us for a fantastic Swedish herring buffé with "snaps" drunk together with Swedish "snaps songs" translated into Swenglish......

Have I forgotten to tell you that Sven scored his first "whole in one" in a competition last week - and we did open a bottle of champagne when he came home. His friends in the ball were happy with some bears...... It took him about 47 years to join the "Hole In One Club" but you all understand that he is sooooo PROUD!!

Sue and I did not play but enjoyed the lunch with our husbands!
And neither Gerd-Louise did play and Sven did "shine"
Sven and Anita collecting the two bottles of wine - one each
Swedes and English people gathering after the golf game over the Swedish herring lunch!

söndag 13 oktober 2013

Sailing with Koulla

We left Lathi at 10.30 together with our friends Sue and Steve and 36 other Swedes for a fantastic day at sea. Yesterday I did miss Gladan but 23 Euros for a day at sea - lunch included - was worth every cent!

Sue and I enjoying the sea
And so do Steve and Sven
Some of us taking a swim
Sven between two beautiful ladies

fredag 11 oktober 2013


I did land safely in Larnaca Thuesday evening after fantastic days with the children and their families in Lund!

Once in Cyprus again we were invited to our friends Evert and Anita for a superb dinner with as always excellent wines!

A drink at the poolside......
in a beautiful warm evening
Gerd-Louise and Sven

Short visit to Sweden

I felt rather boored after one week in hospital, three weeks in Olympus Village and except for when my dear friend Sue took me for a lovely lunch at the sea-side and helping me to choose new glasses I only saw our house, the hospital for dressing and the way to and back from the hospital. So I decided to fly to Sweden to meet the children with families and to celebrate Mark's 34th birthday - a very clever decision! It was a fantastic "injection" so now I am back! And I overlook some problems with the "scare".....

Wilhelm - right - preparing for jumping into the water learning
 how to swim
Mark & Wilhelm - and Wilhelm did swim!
Mark's birthday - Jannicke with Mark and Hanna-Fia
And  Embla with her little sister Toril
And the big boy Wilhelm got a new bike on his fathers brithday
Elsa, Wilhelm and Tuva-Li having great fun in Andrés garden
Brohters - Mark and Filip
Sisters in law - Anna and Hanna-Fia - and of course HUGO
André preparing the dinner
Whilst Mark is looking after Hugo
Big enough to join us for dinner
Mark and Wilhelm
André and Elsa - who took so good care of Wilhelm & Tuva-Li
Hannaa-Fia & Tuva-Li
And also Filip did test how to hold a BABY.......