fredag 11 oktober 2013

Short visit to Sweden

I felt rather boored after one week in hospital, three weeks in Olympus Village and except for when my dear friend Sue took me for a lovely lunch at the sea-side and helping me to choose new glasses I only saw our house, the hospital for dressing and the way to and back from the hospital. So I decided to fly to Sweden to meet the children with families and to celebrate Mark's 34th birthday - a very clever decision! It was a fantastic "injection" so now I am back! And I overlook some problems with the "scare".....

Wilhelm - right - preparing for jumping into the water learning
 how to swim
Mark & Wilhelm - and Wilhelm did swim!
Mark's birthday - Jannicke with Mark and Hanna-Fia
And  Embla with her little sister Toril
And the big boy Wilhelm got a new bike on his fathers brithday
Elsa, Wilhelm and Tuva-Li having great fun in Andrés garden
Brohters - Mark and Filip
Sisters in law - Anna and Hanna-Fia - and of course HUGO
André preparing the dinner
Whilst Mark is looking after Hugo
Big enough to join us for dinner
Mark and Wilhelm
André and Elsa - who took so good care of Wilhelm & Tuva-Li
Hannaa-Fia & Tuva-Li
And also Filip did test how to hold a BABY.......

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