lördag 30 november 2013

Indian Cooking Lesson

Sue and I went for a five hours´ lesson learning a lot of how to cook Indish food. We had a fantastic afternoon together with four other ladies and a very good teacher! Many new tips we got of how to cook hot Indian food! Lots of spices as coriander and cummin, garlich and home-made curry, ginger and green chili and.......

We had a delicious starter, curry chicken and a pasta dessert - believe it or not but it was really tasty! So we did enjoy all the dishes we had prepared over a glass of wine before we left - so pleased and so satisfied! I will serve them all here in Olympus Village!

We had a chauffeur - Steve - who drove us to this place in the middle of nowhere high up in the mountains with a fantastic view - and he also did pick us up. If not - we would still have been driving around in the surroundings of Polis trying to find our way.....

Sue and I preparing the starters
And cooking them in oil
And almost all of us with our Indian teacher
The view over the mountains and the still so warm Mediterranean....


Our day started with a wine tour - and when we came to the winery in Wasa we were a bit early so we took a walk in this beautiful village - and did visit one of the seven churches. Domaine Argyrides is a fantastic winery with top class wines - and I did fall in love with their Chardonnay!

Our next stop was at the winery Ayia Mavri in Koilani - a winery that have received gold medals not only in Cuprus but also in many European countries for their fantastic muscat wine Mosxatos. So perfect!

After a meze in the beautiful village of Vouni at Takis Taverna I did enjoy the evening at our local taverna The Fountain together with our friends Sue and Steve, Christian and his son - but I was for sure not hungry......

So beautiful.....
And I got the permission to take a photo of him
And then the evening at our taverna The Fountain

Bridge evening

We thought it was the last bridge evening - but no - we are playing bridge next week too because we are still many bridge players here on the island in the sun!

A concentrated Sven
And relaxed Göran and Maj
My bridge partner Ulla
Sven leaving the evening - not as a winner but he did win a bottle of wine

onsdag 27 november 2013

A fantastic evening with "Elvis"!

Together with our friends Sue and Steve, Judy and Harry and Christine and David we had a lovely "flash back" with "Elvis" with his most famous songs....

We sang along - and even did dance!

Our table....
Sven and Steve enjoying the evening

And so did Sue and I
And here is Elvis at our table
And he gave a big hugh to Steve....

fredag 22 november 2013

Swedish Christmas Dinner

We were almost 80 people meeting at the restaurant 5th Floor in Pafos, serving us typical Swedish Christmas food. It was delicious..... And so was the company! However we did miss our friends Sue and Steve who was not able to join us as Sue did not feel well....

Inger, Kjell, me, Ingemar and Ulla - our bridge partners - 

and of course Sven
Salmon and herring
Spare ribs and meatbolls....
Ham prepared in perfect Swedish way with mustard...
Ulla and Sven
Me and Ingemar

tisdag 19 november 2013

Sven playing golf with the Celts versus English

Suddenly Sven was a Celt in the 2013 Golf Competition versus the English at Minthis Hill Golf Club - and the Celts did win - and course Sven did play an important part in the success!

And the medal is beautiful!

lördag 16 november 2013

Our Taverna with friends...

Yesterday we had a drink here with white wine, beer and salmon sanwiches - and then we went to our Taverna "The Fountain" for dinner. A lovely evening!


David, Steve, me and Sue
At the other side Dallas, Sven, Judy and Harry

söndag 10 november 2013

Friends at Olympus Village

It is November and our Swedish friends are starting to leave Cyprus to celebrate Christmas and New Year in Sweden with their families. Sven and I are leaving the island in the sun on the 7th of December and we will not be back until the 22nd of February as we are going to the Galapagos Islands for 2,5 week in February.

We had a very nice dinner yesterday with friends - still here....

Kjell, Inger, Anita and Nanne...
What is he telling me - must be very interesting
And also the conversation between Marianne and Sven

lördag 9 november 2013

In my golf shoes again....

At last - two month after my operation I put on my golf shoes again and went with Sven to the driving range at Minthis Hills! It was a fantastic feeling being there swinging my golf clubs again! And I was not that bad...

Sven and I also had a putting competition which I did win - 3 to 1! So soon I will be back on the golf course with Sue!

A beautiful day the 9th of November!

torsdag 7 november 2013

The winner takes it all.....

At least me and Ulla - my Swedish friend - left the tonight's bridge as winners with one bottle of wine each! Congratulations to us!

lördag 2 november 2013

Testing Shiraz at the Tsangarides Winery

Sue and I drow to the Tsangarides Winery together for the launche of this year's Shiraz as our husbands were playing a golf competition at Minthis Hills - and also in the same boll. Sven and Steve arrived a couple of hours later - and it was a happy Steve we met - and a Sven who did not want to talk about golf......

And both Sven and Steve bought some bottles.

Sue and I did test his Chardonnay instead
I think we were about the last to leave

fredag 1 november 2013


We had a fantastic Halloween evening at the Vatouthkia Taverna together with friends - Swedish and English and we were dressed up for the evening...