lördag 30 november 2013

Indian Cooking Lesson

Sue and I went for a five hours´ lesson learning a lot of how to cook Indish food. We had a fantastic afternoon together with four other ladies and a very good teacher! Many new tips we got of how to cook hot Indian food! Lots of spices as coriander and cummin, garlich and home-made curry, ginger and green chili and.......

We had a delicious starter, curry chicken and a pasta dessert - believe it or not but it was really tasty! So we did enjoy all the dishes we had prepared over a glass of wine before we left - so pleased and so satisfied! I will serve them all here in Olympus Village!

We had a chauffeur - Steve - who drove us to this place in the middle of nowhere high up in the mountains with a fantastic view - and he also did pick us up. If not - we would still have been driving around in the surroundings of Polis trying to find our way.....

Sue and I preparing the starters
And cooking them in oil
And almost all of us with our Indian teacher
The view over the mountains and the still so warm Mediterranean....

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