lördag 30 november 2013


Our day started with a wine tour - and when we came to the winery in Wasa we were a bit early so we took a walk in this beautiful village - and did visit one of the seven churches. Domaine Argyrides is a fantastic winery with top class wines - and I did fall in love with their Chardonnay!

Our next stop was at the winery Ayia Mavri in Koilani - a winery that have received gold medals not only in Cuprus but also in many European countries for their fantastic muscat wine Mosxatos. So perfect!

After a meze in the beautiful village of Vouni at Takis Taverna I did enjoy the evening at our local taverna The Fountain together with our friends Sue and Steve, Christian and his son - but I was for sure not hungry......

So beautiful.....
And I got the permission to take a photo of him
And then the evening at our taverna The Fountain

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