söndag 29 december 2013

Marie and Anders, Marks family

So fantastic! We had a so nice dinner with Marie and Anders planning our trip to the Galapagos Islands end of January.

And then we did arrive to the West Bay yesterday and then Mark was here with his family! What a beautiful family we have!!!!

Wilhelm and Tuva Li

A beautiful photo of our grand children enjoying the cliffs at Skanvik / close to our holiday home.

Back in *West Bay*

Friday evening we were invited to a fantastic dinner at Marie & Anders in Lund, Filips parents in law whom I did not meet for more than some hours when they were visiting us in Olympus Village in Cyprus when I did spend a lazy week in the General Hospital in September. When I came home they had left the island in the sun..... But with a take off on the 28th of January 2014 from Kastrup we will spend more than 2 weeks together at the Galapagos Islands and in Peru! I do look forward to this fantastic journey that they initiated!

Yesterday we drow back to West Bay and had dinner here last evening with Mark and Hanna Fia, Wilhelm and Tuva Li. They will spend some days here with us and we love it!

Egon is always with us....
Wilhelm did like my sauce

And Mark with his .....

torsdag 26 december 2013

Christmas lunch at Annas mother and Peter

Today we had a wonderful - and very tasty - lunch together with Anna's mother and her husband Peter and two of Anna's sisters. Some pictures:

Katarina, Petrea, Elsa, André, Hugo, Anna, Maine, Peter and Sven
Andŕe with Hugo and Anna

onsdag 25 december 2013

Lunch at Grand Hotel in Lund

Jannicke's parents in law were not able to participate either in the lunch last Sunday nor in the Christas celebrations yesterday so we met over a lunch in Lund that lasted for three hours! We had so much to catch up!

Our Swedish fantastic Christmas Evening!

In the basement - watching Donald Duck - very important at 15.00 in Sweden
And we did drink "glögg" and eat "lussekatter"
Egon did love Filip and Åsa..

And Sven Hugo had some help to climp up his Grandfather's legs

Embla, Toril, Tuva-Li, Hugo and Wilhelm - our grandchildren
Hugo's first ever Christmas present from Santa Clause..
Filip and Åsa - always so close together
Anna was a fantastic extra "Santa Clause"!
Hugo's second present in his father's knees
Mother and son and Åsa - all in black!

Jannicke asks - what have you given me darling?
Anna is reading one of Toril's Christmas books... A wonderful picture!

Grandmother and Toril
Åsa, Embla and Tobbe. I would love to have Embla's hair!
Anna, Hugo and Andr'e - a lovely family
Mark gave me the bone from the turkey and if you win you wish whatever you want to come trou... and I did challenge André because I thought that what I did wish and what he did wish were about the same. He did win - no problem!
Grandfather playing games with Wilhelm

Playing a fantastic funny Christmas game
At this time Tobbe had no present...
And Anna and Tuva-Li had at least two.... and Hanna-Fia none
Finally Tobbe did win a bottle of wine.....

And Tuve-Li was tired....
Our wonderful family wishes you a very merry Christmas!

tisdag 24 december 2013

Bridge in the evening...

After baking the "Lussekatter" we went to our friends Birgitte and Urban and after coffe, homemade "glögg" and wine we did play bridge. No comments!

Baking "Lussekatter" with Embla and Toril

The day before our Christmas evening we drove to Malmö to bake "Lussekatter" with our grand children Embla and Toril - and we had a lovely time. And the result was wonderfully tasty!

Embla preparing the "Lussekatter"
Grandfather is helping us, I am weighing and Toril and Embla are the best making "Lussekatter"!
And the result was excellent! Thank you Embla and Toril!

söndag 22 december 2013

Swedish "Julbord" with the family

We did arrive on time and we had a lovely afternoon with the family!

André, his father in law, Elsa, Jannicke and Torilenjoying the tasty food
Tobbe, Anna, Hugo and me...
Mark's and Filip's families
Mark with Wilhelm, Tuva-Li and Hugo at "Children's Corner"
Anna and Hugo
Wilhelm and Tuva-Li
Anna, Sven and Lars-Torgny, Mark's father in law
Three of our children - and Hugo
Jannicke with her children

An exiting drive from Solhäll to Östarp

We did start very early from Solhäll this morning - more than an hour earlier than necessary - to meet all the children, grandchildren and some of their Mothers and Fathers in law over a Swedish "Julbord". Was it intuition that made me ask Sven to have a weak-up call at six? When we left Solhäll the GPS said "arrival time" 11.58 and we were supposed to be there at 13.00 so we discussed checking in at the hotel in Lund before. And what did happen?

At first we met a mouse running over the road but luckily we missed it because he was about 5 seconds in front of us. A bit scarey....

And 15 minutes later we got a puncture! Sven did try to loosen the screws on the tire but was enable to do it - so we phoned 112 for assistance. And they
came - but neither he was able to to help us at spot. So he took our car up on his lorry and drow us to the workshop 15 km away in Vimmerby..... And then it went fast!

Sven drow "rather" fast and we arrived at the lunch 13.05 - only 5 minutes late!
He is really trying..
fetching stronger tools
A picture I took sitting in our car being driven to Vimmerby
And finally there for super assistance

fredag 13 december 2013

Sunset in Västervik

Sven caught this wonderful sunset this evening at Solhäll. So beautiful!