söndag 22 december 2013

An exiting drive from Solhäll to Östarp

We did start very early from Solhäll this morning - more than an hour earlier than necessary - to meet all the children, grandchildren and some of their Mothers and Fathers in law over a Swedish "Julbord". Was it intuition that made me ask Sven to have a weak-up call at six? When we left Solhäll the GPS said "arrival time" 11.58 and we were supposed to be there at 13.00 so we discussed checking in at the hotel in Lund before. And what did happen?

At first we met a mouse running over the road but luckily we missed it because he was about 5 seconds in front of us. A bit scarey....

And 15 minutes later we got a puncture! Sven did try to loosen the screws on the tire but was enable to do it - so we phoned 112 for assistance. And they
came - but neither he was able to to help us at spot. So he took our car up on his lorry and drow us to the workshop 15 km away in Vimmerby..... And then it went fast!

Sven drow "rather" fast and we arrived at the lunch 13.05 - only 5 minutes late!
He is really trying..
fetching stronger tools
A picture I took sitting in our car being driven to Vimmerby
And finally there for super assistance

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