söndag 29 december 2013

Back in *West Bay*

Friday evening we were invited to a fantastic dinner at Marie & Anders in Lund, Filips parents in law whom I did not meet for more than some hours when they were visiting us in Olympus Village in Cyprus when I did spend a lazy week in the General Hospital in September. When I came home they had left the island in the sun..... But with a take off on the 28th of January 2014 from Kastrup we will spend more than 2 weeks together at the Galapagos Islands and in Peru! I do look forward to this fantastic journey that they initiated!

Yesterday we drow back to West Bay and had dinner here last evening with Mark and Hanna Fia, Wilhelm and Tuva Li. They will spend some days here with us and we love it!

Egon is always with us....
Wilhelm did like my sauce

And Mark with his .....

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