onsdag 25 december 2013

Our Swedish fantastic Christmas Evening!

In the basement - watching Donald Duck - very important at 15.00 in Sweden
And we did drink "glögg" and eat "lussekatter"
Egon did love Filip and Åsa..

And Sven Hugo had some help to climp up his Grandfather's legs

Embla, Toril, Tuva-Li, Hugo and Wilhelm - our grandchildren
Hugo's first ever Christmas present from Santa Clause..
Filip and Åsa - always so close together
Anna was a fantastic extra "Santa Clause"!
Hugo's second present in his father's knees
Mother and son and Åsa - all in black!

Jannicke asks - what have you given me darling?
Anna is reading one of Toril's Christmas books... A wonderful picture!

Grandmother and Toril
Åsa, Embla and Tobbe. I would love to have Embla's hair!
Anna, Hugo and Andr'e - a lovely family
Mark gave me the bone from the turkey and if you win you wish whatever you want to come trou... and I did challenge André because I thought that what I did wish and what he did wish were about the same. He did win - no problem!
Grandfather playing games with Wilhelm

Playing a fantastic funny Christmas game
At this time Tobbe had no present...
And Anna and Tuva-Li had at least two.... and Hanna-Fia none
Finally Tobbe did win a bottle of wine.....

And Tuve-Li was tired....
Our wonderful family wishes you a very merry Christmas!

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