onsdag 11 december 2013

Second of "Advent"

So we left the island in the sun last Saturday with Ryan Air and arrived in Skavsta south of Stockholm in the evening. Sunday morning we took the train to Lund to meet the children with families - and to pick up our car. It was lovely! André and Anna invited us all for dinner and after some other red wines we had a fantastic bottle that André got from friends of ours on his first birthday in 1978. Good son - has not tuched it in 35 year but saved it also for his parents to enjoy it!

Monday morning we met some Swedish friends on our way to Västervik - and now we are here in rainy - but not so cold - Västervik.

Here is the bottle from 1978!

André Sven and Sven Hugo - now nine months old! Time flies!
Cousins - Toril, Hugo and the big girl Embla
Cousins again - Wilhelm and Tuva-Li with parents Mark and Hanna-Fia
Wilhelm and Tuva-Li playing with Hugo

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