måndag 13 januari 2014


So - for 28 years for me and probably 35 years for Sven we did participate again in the Gala Dinner at Knutsbalen!

We did start the "event" at three o'clock yesterday afternoon at our The Old Bull again with snacks and champagne and then we went over the street to the Grand Hotel and ended up late, late at Karin's place with what we call "nattamat" meaning food in the middle of the night with beer and snaps! We checked out from the hotel at half past one this morning and were so happy sitting on the train to Västervik. This coming Saturday  - train again to Lund to celebrate Wilhelm's sixth birthday. I do like travelling with trains because it is so relaxing!

So some pictures from this fantastic evening!

We are looking fantastic in our gala outfits!

Being served champage....
Table one with our friends... and SvenT
Table two with me and many friends
Sven did enjoy the lady at his left hand side...
And this is the man who fixed all the eggs for "Nattamaten"!
Singing along....

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