måndag 13 januari 2014

The Old Bull in Lund

Since we moved to Cyprus six years ago we have met our friends mid January at The Old Bull Pub in Lund owned by our friend David Parry. It is so fantastic to see our "old" friends and our children with families over excellent food and tasty wines and beers! This year we were over 20 - but we all did miss Ingrid and Per-Åke and of course Gun! But all our four children were there - and Filip's wife Åsa - and of course our latest grandson Sven Hugo!

Sven has known Jörgen for more than 60 years!

On the first picture you will see what our dear friends Leif and Monica brought us - and we will bring this "sign" from Västervik to Lund and back again every year!
Our son Filip with his wife Åsa together with
our dear friend Urban
Mark, Hugo waving at Grandfather and Grandmother is so happy
Very, very old friends - not old but old friends!

Filip's parents in law with Sven´s cousin - all doctors....
My Mother always said - the best you have you put on the table - Hugo!

Friends for ever.....
And Hugo again - always smiling.....

My cousin Ingvar with his Britt-Mari and Sven's "old" friend Peter with wife Malin

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